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Owl to Rabastan Lestrange 
08|22|06 - 14:07
Narcissa - Default
Young Mister Lestrange,

Unfortunately, I write to inform you that Narcissa's health has not done much to improve and I therefore must cancel her little event or anything else she might have planned.

Should I decide to send my daughter back to Hogwarts, I will imagine it will be at a much later date than the norm. I've sent owls to the people who should be informed, but my knowledge on the efficency of the school is somewhat lacking at best - judging from other reports, however, I imagine that it is notas good as it should be. Therefore, I request that you simply feed this information back to any professors or students that might ask.

Thank you,

Druella Black
08|22|06 - 17:41 (UTC) - Return Owl to Mrs. Black
Mrs. Black,

Thank you for the update. I will be sure to inform those invited that the event is off. I'm terribly sorry to hear that Narcissa's state is as such. I do hope that she will be at Hogwarts; our entire year and house would be greatly altered by a lack of her presence. I will be sure to relay the information to those who ask. If I can be of any other help, do not hesitate to ask.

I hope Narcissa recovers soon. If and when you can, tell her that I do miss her and I will have a surprise for her when she is better.

Thank you and my best wishes,

Rabastan A. Lestrange
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