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A side trip 
09|05|06 - 09:29
Who: Hestia Jones, OMC
What: Hestia takes a detour from her school shopping to visit a certain Muggle bookshop.
Where: Alley off of Charing Cross
When: Aug. 30, 1977, Afternoon (backdated a few days)
Rating: PG

Hestia walked down the crooked alley lined with small grimy Muggle shops. The alley reminded her slightly of Knockturn Alley, though much smaller and quieter. It took effort not to hunch her shoulders and try not to be noticed. She consulted a slip of paper with an address. A few doors down, she found what she was looking for. Hestia took a deep breath, reminded herself she had every right to be here, then pushed open the door to Dick’s Film and Bookshop.

Dilapidated bookshelves held a variety of pamphlets and books published by small, obscure companies. There was an unmarked door set in the back wall. Surrounding the door were several posters with explicit pictures and invitations to watch blue films. Hestia blushed.

“Are you lost, little girl?” A deep, smoke roughened voice behind her made her jump.

She turned quickly. Behind the counter stood an older man, tall, gaunt and wearing a light pink button down shirt with jeans. His sleeves were rolled up and she could see his sinewy forearms.

Standing as tall as she could, Hestia looked him in the eye. “No, I’m not lost.”

The man raised his eyebrows. His voice was mocking as he gestured around the store. “Well, take a look around then, little girl.”

Turning her back towards him, Hestia browsed the bookshelves. Flipping through a few of the books, she found what she wanted. She walked back to the counter and put down a book and a pamphlet. Glaring at the man, she challenged him to make fun of her again.

The man looked at the books, The Lesbian Handbook and a pamphlet on “Campaign Homosexual Equality”. “Well little girl, maybe you’re not as lost as I thought.” The mockery was gone from his voice. He rang up the books. Hestia dug in her pocket for her 10 pound note, careful not to pull out any galleons or knuts. He wrapped the books in a plain, brown paper bag and handed her the package with a knowing look. “Good luck, little girl.”

Hestia smiled. “Thanks.”

She left the shop and hurried down the alley. There was just enough time to get back to Diagon Alley before Ludo missed her.
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