Guess Who

Who: Alice and Emmeline
What: Go over some salient details
Where: The Vance residence
When: Sunday, 23 September, 11 am

Knock. Knock. Knock. Alice shifted from foot to foot, trying to distribute the weight of far more files than she probably needed to have brought over. She had interviewed a few of the other Order members about what sort of opponents they had met on the train when Cybele's Pearl was everyone's greatest worry, but it wasn't until word came to her that Emmeline might have killed a Death Eater that the young Auror packed up all of her files on all the Death Eaters and set a course for the the Vance family home. Eleven was reasonable for the weekend, she figured, though she was well aware that her sense of normal hours and schedule was not entirely reliable.

But the light was on, so that was promising, and from outside Alice could hear a faint shuffle evidencing life inside the house.

A Chance Meeting

Who: Hestia Jones, Ludo Bagman, Dorcas Meadows (And anyone else who feels like crashing)
What: Three friends meet up after class
Where: Hogwarts Grounds
When: Sept. 7th, Late Afternoon
Rating: PG

Hestia took a deep breath, enjoying being outside after a long day of being coped up in dark classrooms. She walked along the grounds until she saw a group of sixth years heading back from the greenhouses. Herbology must have just ended. If she remembered correctly Ludo was taking Herbology. Scanning the crowd she found him easily.

“Ludo!” Hestia waved to get his attention.

Ludo turned, saw her, and started heading in her direction. Hestia noticed another figure walking next to him. As they came closer, she realized it was Dorcas. Hestia’s smile faltered. She hadn’t spoken to Dorcas much since the slumber party. She had been able to pass off what she had said as drunken joking, but what if something she said or did gave her feeling away? Hestia took a deep breath and reminded herself to just act normally. She smiled as the two approached, trying to hide how nervous she felt.

A side trip

Who: Hestia Jones, OMC
What: Hestia takes a detour from her school shopping to visit a certain Muggle bookshop.
Where: Alley off of Charing Cross
When: Aug. 30, 1977, Afternoon (backdated a few days)
Rating: PG

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dance that happy dance

WHO: Ludo and Hestia
WHAT: Ludo gets some slap happy news.
WHERE: Ludo's house
WHEN: 24 August 1977

An owl tapped at the window. It was way too early for post, but when Ludo tried to ignore it, the owl just started pecking at the window with annoying frequency.

Ludo rolled out of bed, threw the window open and let the messenger in. After a few moments and a drink from the water dish, the owl flew off, leaving behind a letter bearing the Hogwarts seal.

Too early to deal with OWL results. He tore open the envelope anyway and scanned the letter.

Wait a moment.

Forget the stupid OWL results.

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Sirius - Default

A barrage of owls

WHO: Sirius to Remus and Peter
WHAT: Sirius returns to London
WHERE: London, Sirius's new flat
WHEN: August 8, 1977

Sirius had finally plucked himself out of the depths of Europe and had gone under the radar for a few more days - no one heard from him, not even Barty, until he suddenly reappeared in London, seemingly no worse for the wear and acting as if he had merely gone on an extended shopping trip than an impromptu walk off the edge of the known world, as far as his friends were concerned.

And did he mention he had bought a piece of property?

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(no subject)

WHO: Ludo and Hestia
WHAT: Ludo drops in for a visit after good times on Muggle transit
WHERE: the train and eventually, Hestia's house
WHEN: 4 August 1977

Navigating the Muggle train system had been a laugh and half. Navigating the Muggle train system with a broomstick, an oversized bag and a transit map seemingly designed to confuse people had been even more fun.

The old lady pushing the snack trolley asked Ludo about the broomstick and, after pain stakingly counting out Muggle money to buy a squashed sandwich, he told her it was for sweeping. Of course. She eyed it critically and commented that it didn't seem very useful for any sort of cleaning.

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Sirius - Default

A stir from one of two errant schoolmates

WHO: Sirius Black
WHAT: Sirius receives Peter's letter, finally
WHERE: Somewhere, Amsterdam
WHEN: August 3, 1977
RATING: PG-13ish for drug-usage?

The hotel Sirius finally decided to stay in was opulent enough for two young men - a modest-sized room, it was made to seem larger by tall windows that looked out onto the street, and plushly furnished with a large, overstuffed king-sized bed and a divan, as well as an ornately carved coffee table and writing desk.

Not that either of them spent any time writing. Extinguished butts of various kinds were scattered in the three ashtrays in the room, large, empty or half-empty bottles of various alcohols standing near overflowing garbage bins or knocked over on the carpeted floor.

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Narcissa - Default

Owl from Narcissa Black

Copies Sent to: Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, James Potter, Lily Evans, Dorcas Meadows, Emmeline Vance, Ludovic Bagman, Gilderoy Lockhart, Octavia Orwell, Ambrosius Flume, Artemis Lovegood, Athena Wharton, Severus Snape, Evan Rosier, Allegra Zabini, Alecto Carrow, Regulus Black, Barty Crouch Jr, Estelle Yaxley, Lucius Malfoy, and various other NPCs

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Copy Sent to: Rabastan Lestrange

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