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Marauder Elite
dance that happy dance 
08|24|06 - 15:32
WHO: Ludo and Hestia
WHAT: Ludo gets some slap happy news.
WHERE: Ludo's house
WHEN: 24 August 1977

An owl tapped at the window. It was way too early for post, but when Ludo tried to ignore it, the owl just started pecking at the window with annoying frequency.

Ludo rolled out of bed, threw the window open and let the messenger in. After a few moments and a drink from the water dish, the owl flew off, leaving behind a letter bearing the Hogwarts seal.

Too early to deal with OWL results. He tore open the envelope anyway and scanned the letter.

Wait a moment.

Forget the stupid OWL results.

Hestia was in the guestroom down the hall. They had come to his house a week ago to get in some Quidditch fun practice time and though they had agreed on a strict "no wake up before 10" rule, oh well, it was time to wake up now.

He threw the heavy oak guestroom door open and stood there in all his pyjama clad glory, letter in hand.

Yep. Still sleeping.

He bounded over to the bed in two big steps and began some enthusiastic Hestia shaking.

"Wake up! Guess what?" he said as soon as she stirred. He waved the letter at her. "I've been made Quidditch captain!"
08|28|06 - 13:50 (UTC)
Something large and enthusiastic was shaking her. "Go 'way." She muttered and burrowed deeper under the covers. The shaking continued. Slowly her brain began to function. Large + Enthusiastic + Shaking must = Ludo. Glad to have worked that out, Hestia threw a pillow at him. "Not 10 yet." She pulled another pillow over her head, blocking out the papery thing fluttering in her face.

The words Ludo was shouting in her ear finally began to make sense. Hesita sat bolt upright and pushed her disheveled hair out of her face. "Wait, what? Quidditch captian?"
08|29|06 - 01:02 (UTC)
"Oh, yes, that's right, you heard right." Ludo dangled the letter in front of Hestia. "Read it and... well, don't weep, as this is happy news, but read it all the same!"

He pointed at the letter. "See? Right here. Quidditch Captain, one Ludovic Bagman." His grin widened. "That being me. Though I'd prefer if they didn't call me Ludovic. All the same, good news!"
08|30|06 - 16:50 (UTC)
Hestia couldn't see actually, as the letter Ludo was waving in her face was far to close to properly focus on. However, now that she was fully awake, she didn't need to read the letter understand what was going on.

"You made Quidditch Captain!" Hestia yelled as she jumped out of bed. She grabbed Ludo in a big hug. She pulled back, leaving her hands on his shoulders and grinned at him. "Well, Ludovic Bagman, this calls for a celebration." She grinned some more at Ludo's obvious dislike of his full name.
08|30|06 - 23:45 (UTC)
He pulled a face at the mention of his full name, but let it drop. Who cared? There were so much more interesting things going on than his dislike of "Ludovic."

He danced a little happy dance of joy, something they had perfected back in his second year, when he made the Quidditch team. "You know what happens after this? After this, I'm going to play professional!"

The dancing stopped. "But I suppose that should wait. What'd you have in mind for celebration?"
08|31|06 - 17:26 (UTC)
Hestia laughed as they danced their happy dance, the one they pulled out on special occasions. After they stopped she poked Ludo in the ribs. "You had better play professional Quidditch, how else am I going to get free tickets to the matches?"

"Hummm, what to do to celebrate? Well we need to go to Daigon Alley soon anyway. How about we get as many people together as we can and go out to dinner at the Leakey Cauldron or one of the other pubs you like?"
09|04|06 - 04:49 (UTC)
"We could do that." Happy dance over, Ludo fell backwards onto the bed. "Or we could go outside and play."

He sat up suddenly, grinning. "Quidditch, outside, ten minutes." He bolted from the room. "Don't take too long with things like getting dressed!"
09|04|06 - 16:33 (UTC)
"As if!" Hestia called out as Ludo dashed from the room.

She pulled off her pajamas and grabbed the first clothes that came to hand, a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. After a quick attempt to brush her hair, she tied it back with one hand, while she hopped on one foot trying to get her shoes and socks on with the other. She pulled a simple, blue, open robe over her Muggle clothes, grabbed her broom, and dashed down the hall. With luck, she could beat Ludo outside.
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