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Marauder Elite
A Chance Meeting 
09|07|06 - 11:27
Who: Hestia Jones, Ludo Bagman, Dorcas Meadows (And anyone else who feels like crashing)
What: Three friends meet up after class
Where: Hogwarts Grounds
When: Sept. 7th, Late Afternoon
Rating: PG

Hestia took a deep breath, enjoying being outside after a long day of being coped up in dark classrooms. She walked along the grounds until she saw a group of sixth years heading back from the greenhouses. Herbology must have just ended. If she remembered correctly Ludo was taking Herbology. Scanning the crowd she found him easily.

“Ludo!” Hestia waved to get his attention.

Ludo turned, saw her, and started heading in her direction. Hestia noticed another figure walking next to him. As they came closer, she realized it was Dorcas. Hestia’s smile faltered. She hadn’t spoken to Dorcas much since the slumber party. She had been able to pass off what she had said as drunken joking, but what if something she said or did gave her feeling away? Hestia took a deep breath and reminded herself to just act normally. She smiled as the two approached, trying to hide how nervous she felt.
09|08|06 - 20:24 (UTC)
Dorcas had just finished congratulating Ludo on making Quidditch Captain when she heard Hestia call out to him. It brought a smile to her face as she hadn't seen the younger girl in over a month, and she wanted to know how her trip had been and how the rest of her summer had went. She heard a little bit about it from Ludo himself, since he visited Hestia's home, and despite herself, she felt a little jealous. No, she said to herself. It was perfectly natural for Ludo and Hestia to spend time together; they were, after all, best friends. But if Ludo ever looked at her the way he looked at Hestia... well... maybe they would become something else.

"Hey, Hestia!" Dorcas grinned widely, shoving her personal feelings aside. Maybe, just maybe, she could convince Hestia to see Ludo in a different light. "Welcome back to Hogwarts!" she teased. "Wish I could've caught you on the train ride... we still had lots of things to talk about." She winked.
09|09|06 - 11:10 (UTC)
"I wish everyone had managed to get together over the summer," Ludo added, "but it just flew by."

And really, it did. Wasn't everyone supposed to get together to play Quidditch? Oh, well, summer was over and Quidditch season would start soon enough.

"I hardly saw anyone after my cousin disappeared," he added.
10|12|06 - 13:33 (UTC)
"Well summer always seems to fly by, but this one did seem quicker than others. Perhaps we entered some sort of magical time warp that sped up time from the moment we stepped of the train to the moment we returned." Hestia laughed.

She tried not to eye Dorcas nervously, but what was that winking about? 'Things' what things did she want to talk about? She was supposed to think it was all a joke. Or wait, the prank, maybe Dorcas was referring to the prank, that would make sense. Hesita smiled at the other girl, "Yes, things. We'll have to talk about things, later." She turned to Ludo, "So have a plan for tryouts yet, Gryffindor Quidditch Captain?"
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